Arte Aurora Galería presents the artists tandem oneandtwo with an exhibition intended to describe, examine and question the depth of the system and the culture that is now prevalent in our society.

Oneandtwo have been working together since 1989, reviewing and contemplating the most obvious and discrete social aspects of different spatial spheres, like Great Britain, New York, Costa Rica, or Spain.

The artists explain: “the reason that we entitled the exhibition It is so necessary now to state the obvious is that we thought it was important to talk about the dramatic changes that are occurring in our society today and we thought it was very necessary to talk about it now.”

This exhibition includes works with titles such as The Last Supper and In The Name Of The Shareholder, which are reflecting the artist ́s belief that talking about life today is the only way to keep Art connected to the present.

The technique used in the creation of this set of work, monochromatic base-relief text, covered with glass, generates a subtle and symbolic visual image which reflects the artist ́s idea.

Abstract concepts translated into text lead to a rather philosophical interpretation of the artworks, offering to the public a large space for personal contribution not only to the meaning of the work, but also to its visual composition. Sets of antonyms are morphed together in order to produce new words, inventing senseless words and a senseless vocabulary for a senseless world.

If one should look for symbolic motivation in the artist ́s choice of colour, especially the red, their state is to be a rather corporal color, rather than one of the intellect or the spirit, suggesting aggression, anger, lust, blood, suffering and most significantly danger.

The viewer has the freedom to reconstruct The Cross series in a manner that would make the actual cross non-existent or to choose whether their reflection on the surface would make them interfere with the reality in front of them or hide away from it.

The idea of a system gone too far juxtaposes the cult of religion and luxury and the cult of power and finance and shows how excessive greed leads not only to the death of the spirit but the death of a system.