The sound and visual installation RdEs, by Oscar Martin, has had a Phonos grant to support the creation for its realization, and is presented on the occasion of its completion.

{RdEs} is a generative and autopoietic sound-light installation that puts into practice theories of complex systems based on concepts and processes such as emergence and self-organization. Models that come from different fields of science: philosophy, biology, computer science and the study of artificial intelligence (cellular automata, neural networks, cybernetics ..).

It explores the sonorous and compositional possibilities generative of these models, from a network system of particle-modules that interact in a mutual way and with the environment following simple rules at the individual level but able to make emerge more complex and sophisticated patterns at the level overall.


Oscar Martin


Programmer and experimental musician. His sound work is based on the deconstruction of field recordings, unconventional synthesis and the creative use of technology errors. Luthier-digital with the "pure data" programming environment, with which it develops its own experimental tools for the generation and

algorithmic-generative composition. Located somewhere between the Computer Music, the aesthetic of the Error and the generative Noise.

It works under the "open source" paradigm. All your record and code are published with open licenses in different stamps and netlabels; Free Software Series, Uzusounds, Drone Records, technoNucleo, BRRR, etc.

He has collaborated as an interactive sound programmer in different dance projects, performances and installations, and is also part of the editing and direction team of ursonatefanzine, a publication dedicated to sound art and aural culture and the experimental netradio project mEtaminaFreeNetRadio.

Currently collaborating actively with the collective, a group dedicated to experimental live stream, broadcasts, art, workshops, critical research and tool development.