At the moment in which retro is in its way out, to make space for the timeless, we find our selves in front of Pfaff´s work, surprised of not being surprised before an artist that invests in painting unreserved, and is totally contemporary.


Update the now-a-days odd medium of stretched, oil-pigmented canvases to be hanged on the wall, is the challenge that Pfaff is putting forward.



Parapeted behind a minimalist technic -like his product-,reaches a similar effect to that feeling of watching the actions of an athlete, making look easy the wonderful movements frozen by the color on the canvas.


Straight and honest, what is needed to know about this paintings is within the object it self.


At first sight they seem to answer to a code, the spirit searches for the meaning, the correlation of the forms, yet eventually one will realize its real nature; They do not answer to any code of reading as a pentagram or a text would, yet they aspire to the condition of music. 

 - Uxval Gochez