/¿Who is eligible? 

/Presentation of the proposal and duration of the residence 

/Selection Criteria 

/Conditions of the stay and complementary services 

/Residency resources 

/Selection Committee 

/Monitoring Committee 

/Documentation for the application 

/The selection of the projects 

/Acceptance of rules 

/Personal Data Protection 

/Available Spaces 




Since 2014, Arte Aurora Residency, located in the center of Barcelona,

operates as a search and recognition space of the local culture as well as a

launch pad and welcoming space for international artistic projects.

This call aims to provide support to the realization of artistic projects and

the consolidation of projects mature enough through handing over, for a

temporally use, the residency space, upon the payment of the established fee.


Priority will be given to projects that have a wide spectrum and the

capacity of generating collaborative methodologies, in addition to the

innovative and multidisciplinary character of the proposal.


¿Who is eligible?


This call is addressed to artists, groups, associations or cultural agents that

have an artistic project that is in the process of being created or produced of

any of the following disciplines: Performance, muralism, visual arts,

multimedia creation or audiovisual creation.

For technical reasons, all those proposals that imply the use of toxic more

inflammable materials and overall all those that need to be created in “dirty

workshop”, are excluded from this call.


There shall be no restriction upon nationality or place of residence.

The cultural agents that propose their participation, either as individuals or

as representatives of an entity, must be of legal age.


Presentation of the proposal and duration of the residence


There is no deadline for the application: the projects can be sent at any

moment. The selection committee will meet periodically during the year to

evaluate the projects and the postulants will be informed of the decision

taken by the committee and, if selected, of the starting date of their


The residency shall be of a minimum duration of one week and a maximum

duration of five weeks depending on the length of the project.

According to the possibility and the availability of the spaces, the residency

program will be formalized within six weeks after the Committee has taken

the decision.


Selection Criteria


The evaluation and selection of project proposals shall be undertaken

taking into consideration the following administrative and technical criteria:


/ Originality of the proposal


/ Innovative and experimental character of the project.


/ Artistic and cultural value of the proposal and its affinity with the artist’s

  career and the artistic context of Barcelona.


/ Outreach of the project beyond the residency period.


/ International nature of the project.


Conditions of the stay and complementary services


Rates and project agreement

After being selected, the inscription to the program will be finalized when

the agreement with Arte Aurora Residency will be signed and the payment

of the program’s costs, approved by the Committee and listed in the section

where the spaces are described, concluded.

The relationship between Arte Aurora Residency and the creators will be

defined by a residency protocol.


Residency resources

The residency program includes internet connection, the use of meeting

rooms, the use of the apartment and terrace. Light/ /water/gas are also



According to the characteristics of the project the artists will have access to

basic technical equipment in addition to:


/ Technical consulting in all stages of the program.

/ Technical accompaniment during the development of the project.

/ Participation to the Exchange programs with other local residencies.

/ The possibility to participate in on-going workshops.


Selection Committee


The Selection Comittee shall be composed of the Director of Arte Aurora

and the artists that work in and with the gallery.


Monitoring Committee


The monitoring Committee will be composed by the same artists of the

Selection Committee


Documentation for the application


Pdf document, maximum 10 pages:


Part 1 – Project summary 


/ Presentation: brief explanation of the project and how the project relies

with Arte Aurora residency. (max. 1 page)

/ Project Background: In the case of a new stage of a project in developing,

explanation of the previous phases (max. 1 page)

/ Perspectives: description of the project’s phase that will developed during

Arte Aurora Residency and future perspectives of the project.

/ Public activities: plan some activities open to the public (max. ½ pages)

/ Planning: indicate all the steps necessary to the development of the

project and the respective dates of their realization (max. ½ pages)


* It is recommended, even if it is not an essential requirement, to add a

video presentation of the project of maximum 3 minutes, in which all the

steps of the project are explained and there is a presentation of the team

that will work in it.


Part 2 – The applicant’s personal details

CV of the applicant (max. 2 pages)


Part 3 – additional information

A more detailed description of the project, in textual and graphic format

(max. 4 pages).


All the documentation will be presented in digital format through the

service wetransfer or a similar and send by e-mail to:


The Selection Committee will take in consideration only the applications

meeting the previous requirements.

The committee could summon the applicant to a videocall to clarify some

aspects of the proposed projects.

The Commission shall modify the duration of the residency program

according to the global evaluation of the project.


The selection of the projects


Within 3 working days of the date on which the Selection Committee

reunited, the results will be announced to the participants through the web

page of the gallery ( ) and by e-mail. The

projects that will not be selected will receive a notification by e-mail.


Acceptance of rules

The participation to the project implies the integral acceptance of the

conditions. Any unforeseen change will be settled by the organized entity

and notified to the interested parties.


Personal Data Protection

In accordance with the established Organic Law 15/1999 for Personal

Information Protection, we inform the participants that all the data

incorporated in the Residency inscription can be reclaimed or deleted by

sending a written notification to Arte Aurora calle Trafalgar 36, 08010,

Barcelona or at

In any case, once the selection of the projects will be completed, the file

with personal data of the participants shall be removed.


Available Spaces

For information on the currently available spaces and information on public prices

Is necessary to download and visualize the updated PDF file attached here: