Annabelle Milon (Poissy, France, 1988)
Lives and works between Barcelona and Brussels. She obtained a Master of Fine Arts from the La Cambre School in Brussels (2012). Has received different mentions, grants and awards: among them, the grant from the Fondation de France (2013), the La Louvière Museum Engraving Prize (2014) and the Louis Schmidt Prize at the University of Brussels (2016).

In January 2022, she has her first solo show in Barcelona at the Uxval Gochez Gallery.

Exploring the images that surround us and analyzing them is to question the meaning of the form. We can say that everything we see is like a mirror, telling us both about what it is and what we see in it.

Contrasting images with other images, thoroughly investigating content and contexts is the formal basis of Annabelle Milon's work.


The original interest of the artist is to unlock the possibilities of engraving, and also to propose this technique as sculpture, a tangible and analog version of a methodical process of deconstruction, involving digital processes but above all intertwining mediums, ideas and obsessions.


What Annabelle Milon seeks is to reveal what is hidden from view, and to look at what is hiding behind the mirror.