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19.05.2023 / 7.06.2023

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25.05.2023 / 28.05.2023

Marc Gonz

Marc Dentand

Mark Redden

Fanni Kopacsi

Daniel Orson Ybarra

Paul Pretzer


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9.06.2023 / 23.06.2023

David Albert Espuny

Sandra Ballve

Montse Barbera

Inke Bemelmans

Greg Bryce

Sol Curto

Maria Eiras 

Lorena Garcia

Florencia Kania

Julie Loeckx

Vanessa Onuk

Angelica Poels

Salvador Suarez Martin

Evgeniya Zolotareva

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22 to 26th / February  / 2023

Galería de Cristal / Cibeles / Madrid




Carsten Brauer

Elvira Fournier

Ewa Jaros

Klara Gunnlaugsdottir

Marc Gonz

Paul Pretzer

Pia Kintrup

Sandra de Jaume

Stéphanie de Malherbe

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January 26th / February 10th  2023

Ann-Mari Sundvoll Noreng

Anna Louisa Luigi

Asdis Olafsdottir

Burak Bulut Yildirim

Enrique Plaza

Francoise Augustine

Gabriela Brito

Riccardo Buck

Roumbout Oomen

Malù Dalla Piccola

Yana Medow

Valentino Coton

Is impossible to conceive life without death.

The human being is the only being aware of his death and, therefore, of his life. This manifests itself in an inexorable and perennial anguish that gives, without hesitation, a meaning to life itself.

Take eroticism as a representation of life and take the concept of death, these are opposite of one another, represent the polar opposite instincts that lie within each of us in constant struggle.

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November 24th / (Extended to) December 23rd  2022

Past Exhibit

Nicola Cucchiaro

October 20th to November 18th  2022

Vernissage  October 20th. / 19:30

Barcelona Gallery Weekend

September / 15th to October 8th / 2022

Vernissage  19:30

Previous Exhibits

September / 1st to 10th / 2022

Vernissage September 1st / 19:30

June 30th to (Extended) July 17th

Vernissage June 30th 19:3o

Needful Things

Group show

July 3th until September 8th 2021


 Article by art critic Felip Vivanco September 4th. 2021


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