el pliegue

Curated by Gisela Chillida



Yamandú Canosa

Federico Garcías Trujillo

Miguel Marinas

Guillermo Pfaff

Diego Pujal

Stella Rahola

Milena Rossignoli

"The multiple is what is folded in many ways" (Deleuze)


The exhibition includes 15 works by 7 artists that explore the potentialities of the fold: the folds of the body, the theory of superstrings, the flexed lines of Klee, the folds of matter and the folds in the soul that Deleuze talks about, the roughness of the orography.



The title refers to the homonymous text by Gilles Deleuze (The fold: Leibniz and the Baroque). In it, the French philosopher recovers the Leibnizian idea of conception of the world as a folding; that is to say, everything (or the All) is found folded in all the things that make up the universe; what distinguishes and particularizes each of these elements present in the world is the way in which this whole is folded.

Fold understood as a difference from the simile; multiplicity in the same. One hundred pages are the same. One hundred pages that have been wrinkled are different. The wrinkle, the fingerprint, the lines of the hand distinguish us. The fold is that which particularizes.