Loop fest / francesca llopis


Video and photos by Francesca Llopis

Curated by Gisela Chillida

A couple of seahorses dance through dreamlike landscapes of pregnant organic forms that intersect and unfold to the rhythm of a syncopated piano *.

Nebulous images that inhabit a timeless frame between our most intimate memories and the memories of the collective unconscious.

Like pages in a book, Seahorses is followed by photographs taken by the same artist on three trips that took her to places as disparate and distant as Galicia, Iceland and Brazil. Austerity of means that accentuates the rugged character of whimsical rock formations sculpted over centuries that merge the organic with the architectural. Like those icebergs, almost traces of lost civilizations, they open us to an ancient time.

Scenes that make us think of ukiyo-e - "paintings of the photographic world". Prints of vaporous worlds and horizons as elusive as the seashore. Twinkling limit always volatile. Ice from Icelandic icebergs; the rain and the Galician seas; the heavy Brazilian humidity ... infinite chain of condensation-evaporation.

For this reason, LLopis' interest in spirals, a continuous line that transits between the inward and the outward. It is the living nature that is activated: rocks that transform into animate beings, mountains that move, stones that breathe, forests that stretch ... "An existential labyrinth that finds in the grandeur of nature, the depth of intimate space "

Seahorses takes us into the mystery. Like that lamppost standing in the middle of a tropical jungle that, like a Magrittian painting, confuses moon and fire. Dual and contradictory universe mirror of that "valuable inner chaos" from which Francesca LLopis operates. Running water; motionless rock. "Without opposites there is no progression," said Blake. "**


-Gisela Chillida


* music composed and performed ex profeso by Patricia Maeser (Berlin)

** “Without Contraries is no progression” (Blake; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)