Mark redden

Mark Redden’s works of art are about the world that we miss as it passes in front of our eyes. A natural and spiritual world  - maybe even possible in our society.


The energy contained in his works come from an unexpected source; a ritualistic practice which make objects serve as channels of 

communication with the divine. An old idea made contemporary.


When Mark works, he lets his mind roam freely between his ancestors and his teachers. It evokes moments of communion with nature and seeks to leave something on the matter that’s translated into color and hidden messages.


Within his abstracts lie the symbolisms of the runes, Mark’s admiration for Joseph Beauys and dawns spent fishing not obvious to the naked eye. Aspects to be extracted by long observation and intuited through the whim and boldness of these objects.


This exhibition is an approach to the 

colored surfaces product of an intimate search for the origin and meaning of our existence here and now.